Sunday, September 27, 2009


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Testing borders


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Testing borders

Thursday, September 24, 2009


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Small quilt I worked on today. Worked at the local shop - bunney hutch with a buddy. Nice to have an open place to work. With air conditioning.


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Close up of quilt I worked on today


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Close up of quilt I worked on today

Monday, September 21, 2009


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doll quilt swap #7


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doll quilt in progress


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Doll quilt in progress

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

wow...i've been awol for a while...

I'm baaacck... hope someone notices... Ive been a little busy and self absorbed I guess. we had our vacation and our room is gorgeous now. i feel like a grown up (finally at almost 50 yrs old) we have actual matching dressers and an organized closet. no more dumping grounds for our room. gonna have a nice relaxing beautiful bedroom to retreat to when needed. love the wood floor until lucy (our little dog) gets excited and wants out in the middle of the night. all I hear is click click clickity click till i get out of bed and let her out... crazy.

also, attended a quilt retreat in temecula and have some pics to share, but they are on my blackberry and somehow I've forgotten how to upload from there again, so they are on facebook instead.

got two swaps out in the for the doll quilt swap and one for " a piece fo work" where one member sends fabric to everyone and what kind of block they want.

AND i had surgery yesterday to remove 1/2 my thyroid and a nodule since the needle biopsy came back with "bad cells" now they will do a full biopsy, but I won't know how results until at least next week. so you should see me more in the next two weeks since I will be home for a change...

thinking happy thoughts and looking forward to getting lots of sewing done and enjoying my time off as much as i can. will post pictures tomorrow hopefully

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


woo hoo, got one button working. I joined 2 swaps. A piece of work - someone in the group sends you fabric and what type of block they would like and the size. this time it's a wonky log cabin 12 1/2 square. i can add whatever fabric i want except vintage (which i don't have - works for me) and black. no problem. this is for August, and on flickr several people have already finished. gotta get this one done before saturday or on sat night.

the other one is doll quilt swap 7, i've been drooling over these swaps for a while and finally got a chance to join. my partner likes the same colors/style that I do so it shouldn't be too crazy hard to make something she will like. i think I will like working on smaller quilts, so I can get something done from start to finish.

pictures coming soon!
and hopefully the DQS7 button. it's good to belong :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

dinner with the girls frantones
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cool photo of my dad

me and my dad

disneyland 1961 dad, me and my brother steve
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


sew fun quilts is having a giveaway and trying to reach 100 followers... she's at 75 right now!
good luck

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

leftover squares project

I had some charm squares left over and tried using them for a wall hanging , but not sure how well it's working. i don't think there's enough contrast in a lot of the blocks. my son re-arranged them (the top picture) and it looks better, but still not enough contrast. and of course its short one block! maybe if I take out some of the ones w/o enough contrast and let it be smaller it might work. I'm gonna keep playing with it and see what I can get. what do you think??
any suggesstions? I do have some border fabric that is blue with flowers from the same line, maybe make some pinwheels and use the blue for sashing...too many choices! not a bad thing really..

more quilting

did some more quilting on the cheese and crackers quilt...gotta finish quilting and binding by Friday!

Monday, July 6, 2009

what I've been working on

finished wedding ring blocks (not traditional, but you can still see the rings) in black/red/whiteone in progress, kitties!
3 block parts, lots of trimming to do...not looking forward to trimming 48 1/2 square triangles!
quilting the cheese and crackers quilt, it really isn't that wrinkled!
close up of the to stipple!
some blocks for Aunt Pitty Pat's disappearing 9 patch swap. I was lucky enough to join twice :)
the colors are so different in each set I sent, hopefully the other swappers will like them both. I had some left over charm squares and had an idea for using them up. next post will show them with 2 ideas for how to set the squares. My son didn't like my first set up, so he suggested another. he has a good eye. I'll show you both and see which one people like the most. maybe even give a prize if I get a lot of votes... hmmm how to do that? I do have some bags, and an apron that I could give away.

i've been cleaning/organizing again... I REALLY need to give some fabric away. I think I will start with some scraps left from quilts and other projects I've made. there's some really cool (in my opinion, of course) fabric that someone else might love too.

so I better get to blogging more often instead of just reading and commenting on other blogs :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

father's day photos

my dad
my husband and oldest son many years ago
my mom and dad - such a sweet picture
happy fathers day! me and my dad in 1960
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

nancy drew and a quilt

here's what I made for Molly on the nancy drew swap. I made a nancy drew doll - dressed oh so chic in polka dots and ric rac and of course a little ladybug on her belt, a journal/photo album to keep notes or photos from detecting. in the back of the journal is the "missing map" (probably the only item that is truly "connected" to the book I chose. Nancy of course needs a bag to hold all her clues and supplies, a pen, and a notebook. and of course a zippered bag for to keep small things from getting away. Nancy loves tea (I think!) so I thought this fabric was perfect. hope you like it Molly!

I'm trying to use up some of my fabric and kits and not buy more fabric (ok, I'm trying!) here's the center portion and I'm not liking it too much at this stage. I will post some more pics now that I've finished the borders and put the backing together. I should be able to pin it this weekend and get busy quilting. Hopefully it will sell...
I've been scanning old photos to maybe make some digital photo albums (if I can figure out how). I have an album that my mom made for me and one that she made for my oldest brother. there are some really cool photos that I had not seen before - I'm the youngest, and hadn't seen so many pics of my mom and dad from before I was born. some of them are from before they were married and when my sister and brother were babies. my album has more of my second brother with me since we are only 3 years apart, and more of my dad than I had realized. he passed away when I was 5 so I really don't remember him. I'll share some pics once I get more scanned.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

nancy drew swap

boy am I late posting this! Molly sent me this package for the Nancy Drew swap, she was so creative on this. there was a word search for smart detectives like Nancy drew, a magnifying glass , change purse for phone calls (no cell phones!) little book for notes, some nancy drew postcards, pen for taking notes, bookmark tagb with a supply list , a boat and map, whew and if that was not enough some bling for me! cute earrings and a necklace.
very cool. unlike me, she mailed this package on the day it was supposed to be mailed! I hope she likes her package as much as I love mine.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

sewing....and a sneak peek

whew a lot to catch up on. I've been sewing and cleaning out the bedroom so we can install/continue the wood floor into our bedroom. my new sewing room has a great wood floor and we brought it out into our little hallway, but had not finished up with our bedroom. it's been a year and a half, we were supposed to install it last summer, but I had an emergency surgery and couldn't lift anything. so now we are tossing and storing so we can work on our vacation in August, it will be worth it though since our room is really bad. never upgraded, every other room has been, but not ours. typical I think. so in order to avoid cleaning, I've been sewing a LOT....
sneak peek of a current swap...more info later ...

what a cutie pie!!!
this is my youngest granddaughter in a dress I made. it looked really easy and is reversible too! she liked it, when she tried it on she said ooooh it's cute! made my day for sure!

oh, wait that's lucy...nothing to do with sewing! lucy got a haircut and some cute bows, not sure she's all that happy! oh look, some storage stuff from the bedroom. cool additions to the living room huh? I made this top from an online tutorial, summer ruffle sleeve top(?) - I'll have to find the actual name and link to the tutorial. I REALLY don't do clothes, but this seemed so easy. I like it but need to fix the straps. I've actually finished the hem, but have taken the straps out and will take another pic when it is actually complete. I left the ruffles off since I will wear a sweater or jacket over it. not looking too great sleeveless LOL

these were supposed to be my disappearing 9 patch swap with aunt pitty pat, but there's only 36 and we need 40. so it will be a throw, lap quilt for someone...not sure who yet.

well gotta get some sleep so I can get up and get to work in the morning...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

upcycle apron swap

what an angel! no, not me...Marcel of Aunt Pitty Pat's blog angeled this apron for me. I love it, the colors are very cool and I love the buttons. must have been a shirt or dress. way cool. she also sent me a bag with a button closure. AND a teabag holder with the cutest felt flower on it. I love those and have wanted to make one for a while now.

thanks again Marcel!!! you truly are an angel :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

bags by trish - yes I do actually make bags too

here's Gail with the bag I made for her. cute!


I found the great hexagon quilt along too! blog and decided to try some. I think I will just make some flowers, I would never finish a quilt made of these! i like fast projects..

old project

happy spring wallhanging. I made this quite a few years ago and still love it. I might just make another one, just add it to my list of things to do!

well maybe I will just make the butterflies, they are so cute!

Monday, May 11, 2009

busy weekend

I made some bags this weekend. happy to have some finished projects!

each of the ladies on my team at work have gotten a bag, and I'm all caught up now. it makes me happy to see how much they like the bags...
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