Thursday, April 30, 2009

swaps mailed

Annie and my up-cycled apron are in the mail. I dropped them off at the post office today. should arrive at their new homes Sat or Monday. I'm not a good swapper in the "extras" department. I forgot to even include a little notecard! i get so wrapped up in making sure they go out by the deadline I forget all the extras like wrapping it in tissue even. oh well, I hope that my swap partners like the apron, or annie so much they won't care. I did include something extra that I make not related to the swap at all, but something pretty and useful.

well onto the swap, disappearing 9 patch. I'm gonna get started early so our swap mama has plenty of time to put everything together!

i'll post pics once my partners receive their goodies.

Monday, April 27, 2009

annie update

here's a sneak peek of my annie doll, i made the dress and didn't like it so I made it again. then I made bloomers, but they were too tight, so I made another pair that turned out much cuter and not quite so snug! so she has her clothes and some hair, but still no face yet. this picture shows her in just her bloomers and no arms! poor baby...
sorry about the glare on the first pic, but it is just a sneak peak, so once my partner gets her I can put up a better pic.

be back soon.

cool easter basket

i received the easterbasket I won from vivian at
last friday, but my space bar has been giving me fits, so I haven't posted in a while.

so many goodies, not enough room to get them all in the picture. some things were disappearing as I took pictures as my son and husband were there and there was candy!

thanks Vivian, I love my basket.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

proof of my obsessive tendencies....

ok here's the REAL obsessive part. the last post showed what I had already finished, but this pic shows those AND all the unfinished eggs and birds. i'm such a psycho when I get into something. I did give the grandkids the finished eggs and birds on easter. i'll have plenty of eggs for next year. at least the birds aren't associated with the holidays.

oh look, there are annie parts in there too!

annie give away

hop on over to olivegrove primitives for a chance to win an annie doll. she is sooo cute. the other dolls made by Lisa are way cute too! go visit and good luck!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

can you say obsession?

some more birds, eggs and annie parts... once I make something I like, I can't stop.

my sis did find an egg today, and searched for the other two once I told her there were more. they (her and her husband) found them. It was fun, now she has a bowl with some cute egss in it for easter.
went to the red sox/angels game and it was great! it came down to the last inning, last strike/out with the bases loaded. so exciting! lucky for me the sox won!! so my streak stays alive, whenever I go to the game the red sox win.

Friday, April 10, 2009

happy friday

well it's been a quiet couple of days, I went to carlsbad and stayed with my sister and her husband wed and thursday night. I had to deliver some workshop materials to a conference for work in san diego, so what the heck a little time off was good. I've been working on more eggs and birds, I left a few eggs at my sisters -hidden of course. I wonder how long it will take her to notice.

I mailed the aprons today, finally. sorry it took me so long.

I've been working on my annie doll too, she's a lot smaller than I imagined from the sample photos. she's coming along, I'm stuffing her now.

I'm going to see the red sox tomorrow night, GO SOX, at angels stadium. my brother is taking me and he's a huge angels fan. oh well, i love my red sox, can't get me to switch.

gotta go blog surfing and check out all my blog friends and see what you guys are up to.
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