Tuesday, March 31, 2009


ok, my husband drew 3 names for the aprons, here's the winners!

orange: princessmama
green: sweettata
blue: aunt pitty pat

I'll email you for your mailing addresses.
thanks everyone for trying. see you on the next giveaway, soon!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


hi everyone, I'm so excited that I have so many comments on the apron giveaway, but not so many that you won't have a good chance! I'm already checking out some fabric for another giveaway, so keep checking back. thank you to my followers for signing up, how cool is that to have followers?!

I was visiting Tulsi's site and she posted about a huge giveaway on this site: http://www.ginnysquilts.blogspot.com

it's an amazing amount of goodies, so hop on over and sign up!

Monday, March 23, 2009

fun projects and a giveaway

I've been making some eggs (from retro mama) and a couple of birds (from spool) just having way too much fun checking out blogs. I saw the birds on Yarni Gras! blog (with link to spool) and just had to try it. the eggs are not very egg shaped, but I think I figured out why. I'm going to try some more this weekend.

on to the give away..... I have 3 tea towel aprons, the orange one has coffee fabric, the lime green (middle one) has teacups and the blue one has tea pots. leave me a comment on which one you would like. since I don't have a lot of "followers", you should have a good chance at winning! I'll leave it open till Monday march 30th. I will announce the winner on Tuesday the 31st...NOT on April 1st!!! this is my first give away...I'm going to have some "stash busting" giveaways soon, I need some space!

mini quilt

a mini sock monkey quilt. I made this for a friend of mine that LOVES sock monkies. I think she loves it. I did... had to get a pic before she took off with it LOL.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

pay it forward...look what came in the mail today!

thank you Marcel!!! I received this cute, cute!!! owl today. it couldn't have come at a better time. now I have to come up with a name for her, unless she already has one???

thanks again, she is beautiful

cool boxes

got these boxes at the swap meet, thought they might make some cool sewing kits. not sure, but that's my first idea. i want to sand them down and stain them with the ikea stain - green and blue so far. I might also decopauge since I have 4 to play with. not sure what they were used for, but looks like som kind of medical testing. only 2 boxes actually have writing the other two are blank (just numbered lines). we're getting the stain this weekend, so i'm going to try it on one.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

pif update

I'm all set, got three sign ups. I'm so honored that not only will these 3 ladies "pay it forward" but picked me to send them something made by me. too cool.
thanks to Jen, Tulsi and Betty aka Fudgie go visit them and say hi

Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm so excited...visitors AND sign ups

whew, I should keep up with my blog and not just wander over to everyone else's blogs. It's so nice to get comments and know that people actually visited me.
AND, I have two people already for my pay it forward!!!! I'm so excited. I hope I get one more soon, but I'm already checking out their blogs and thinking what they might like to get.

thanks for the comments on my projects...I love the coffee rag quilt and am glad others do too. this one was cotton, not flannel and I love the look so much. I made one a few years ago and my youngest son (23 years young!) loved it so much he decided I had made it just for him. he's so funny, he has the most quilts of anyone in my family. he even helped me with the quilting on the first quilt I made him. we call that one the tranquilizer quilt because anyone that uses it falls asleep after just a few minutes. it comes in handy with cranky grandkids that need a nap!
If you do make one, please don't wash it at home the first time! go to the laundromat so you don't clog up your pipes. you can dry at home, but you have to clean the lint thingie every 10 - 15 minutes. after that first time you can wash at home.

see you soon!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

more works in progress

two quilts, the coffee house rag quilt is finished, i love the colors. I used charm squares and REALLY underestimated how many I needed. I wanted it to be long enough for my 6 foot husband to cover up with. he loves it too. the sock monkey quilt is getting there, the main part is finished, I made the piano keys borders, they just need trimming. I just need to cut the inner border, the sock fabric, then I can add the inner and outer borders. hopefully this one won't just join the other tops in a pile that need to be quilted. I will keep it at my house for when the grandkids come over. there's never enough blankets to go around.

hope you like the pictures (hope someone actually visits! LOL). please check out the pay it forward post, I would hate for it to stop with me! please leave a comment if you'd like to play!


some works in progress

here's some things I've made recently and some I'm working on. I made a diaper bag with some cordoroy ladybug fabric (love ladybugs! and so does the new mom) and some burp pads. they don't match, but what the heck!

i'm working on a crocheted granny square throw. I had these yarns and was not sure what to do with them. I loved the colors, but wasn't sure how they would work together. I love how the colors are working...too bad my rows are kinda tweaked, but I still like it. got more pics to follow...

pay it forward part 2

ok, I sort of figured it out, the button is different...but the rules of the game are the same. I did a little copying and pasting, better than not doing anything I guess.
I hope someone (you!) visits my blog and signs up. I will make something cool, just give me some clues of what you like. check out my pics for the types of items I make. I'm kind of all over the place, quilting, making bags, towels, aprons, crochet - mostly scarves, etc

I'm going to post some pictures of works in progress as soon as I find my usb cable for my camera.

The rules are simple:
#1. Be one of the first 3 people to post a comment on this entry. If you are (and you follow the seconf rule), you will receive a gift from me sometime during this year. When and what are a surprise to the winners, but it will be good, I promise!

#2. Then, copy and paste these rules into a post on your own blog & come back and leave the link in comments here.

It's that easy! Only the first 3 folks that leave a comment AND Pay it Forward on their blog will get a prize. PLEASE leave me a comment.....
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