Sunday, March 1, 2009

more works in progress

two quilts, the coffee house rag quilt is finished, i love the colors. I used charm squares and REALLY underestimated how many I needed. I wanted it to be long enough for my 6 foot husband to cover up with. he loves it too. the sock monkey quilt is getting there, the main part is finished, I made the piano keys borders, they just need trimming. I just need to cut the inner border, the sock fabric, then I can add the inner and outer borders. hopefully this one won't just join the other tops in a pile that need to be quilted. I will keep it at my house for when the grandkids come over. there's never enough blankets to go around.

hope you like the pictures (hope someone actually visits! LOL). please check out the pay it forward post, I would hate for it to stop with me! please leave a comment if you'd like to play!



Rannyjean said...

I love the rag quilt, oh please send me the instructions, I want to make one of these someday! I like the sock monkeys, how fun and what is a piano keys border? Sorry, showing my amateur quilting lingo. I still want one of your red hat hats. Actually, 3, we need to talk about these before summer comes and goes again! I missed ya!

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Oh I Love the color combination on this rag quilt. Is it made with Flannel???? Fantasticly fun Sock Monkey quilt.. that will be so fun for the children when they stay over ;)

NadineC said...

I love both quilts! I have been "acquiring" charm squares....haven't made anything out of them yet, though...they are just "simmering" in my stash :-)

Betty aka Fudgie said...

Your quilts are very nice. You sure did a lot of snipping! LOL How did Your hands hold up! I felt like I had become "Betty scissor hands" after that stinkin rag quilt was finished! Come see me at my

Maria said...

Hi Trish,
I love the monkey quilt, am looking
forward to seeing it finished. I seem to have aquired a liking for monkeys, and am going to collect pcs and make a quilt eventually.
Take care Maria (Stitches)

LittleRed said...

Cute quilts! Who doesn't love sock monkeys! ......and with a tall husband (on the charm quilt) that's a big job to make it long enough. Beautiful colours BTW

grammatrish said...

thanks for the comments everyone. I'm having so much fun visiting everyones blogs.

Sandi said...

When I saw the coffehouse rag quilt and the Sock Monkey quilt, my first thought was of my son's girlfriend. She must have her cup of coffee and she likes monkeys the way I like teddy bears!! I have a NASCAR quilt that I made for my husband and made it extra long so it will cover his feet. Unfortunately, it is in that pile of "yet to be quilted" items! I checked into having it machine quilted but can't afford it so am going to do it myself. I'm not out to win any awards with it. If I make mistakes on it, my husband won't care. He'll just be glad it's finished!

Lolly said...

Your quilting is fantastic. One of my goals for this year is to start quilting. I didn't even start sewing until a few years ago and love it. Quilting is next on the agenda.


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