Wednesday, July 29, 2009


woo hoo, got one button working. I joined 2 swaps. A piece of work - someone in the group sends you fabric and what type of block they would like and the size. this time it's a wonky log cabin 12 1/2 square. i can add whatever fabric i want except vintage (which i don't have - works for me) and black. no problem. this is for August, and on flickr several people have already finished. gotta get this one done before saturday or on sat night.

the other one is doll quilt swap 7, i've been drooling over these swaps for a while and finally got a chance to join. my partner likes the same colors/style that I do so it shouldn't be too crazy hard to make something she will like. i think I will like working on smaller quilts, so I can get something done from start to finish.

pictures coming soon!
and hopefully the DQS7 button. it's good to belong :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

dinner with the girls frantones
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cool photo of my dad

me and my dad

disneyland 1961 dad, me and my brother steve
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


sew fun quilts is having a giveaway and trying to reach 100 followers... she's at 75 right now!
good luck

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

leftover squares project

I had some charm squares left over and tried using them for a wall hanging , but not sure how well it's working. i don't think there's enough contrast in a lot of the blocks. my son re-arranged them (the top picture) and it looks better, but still not enough contrast. and of course its short one block! maybe if I take out some of the ones w/o enough contrast and let it be smaller it might work. I'm gonna keep playing with it and see what I can get. what do you think??
any suggesstions? I do have some border fabric that is blue with flowers from the same line, maybe make some pinwheels and use the blue for sashing...too many choices! not a bad thing really..

more quilting

did some more quilting on the cheese and crackers quilt...gotta finish quilting and binding by Friday!

Monday, July 6, 2009

what I've been working on

finished wedding ring blocks (not traditional, but you can still see the rings) in black/red/whiteone in progress, kitties!
3 block parts, lots of trimming to do...not looking forward to trimming 48 1/2 square triangles!
quilting the cheese and crackers quilt, it really isn't that wrinkled!
close up of the to stipple!
some blocks for Aunt Pitty Pat's disappearing 9 patch swap. I was lucky enough to join twice :)
the colors are so different in each set I sent, hopefully the other swappers will like them both. I had some left over charm squares and had an idea for using them up. next post will show them with 2 ideas for how to set the squares. My son didn't like my first set up, so he suggested another. he has a good eye. I'll show you both and see which one people like the most. maybe even give a prize if I get a lot of votes... hmmm how to do that? I do have some bags, and an apron that I could give away.

i've been cleaning/organizing again... I REALLY need to give some fabric away. I think I will start with some scraps left from quilts and other projects I've made. there's some really cool (in my opinion, of course) fabric that someone else might love too.

so I better get to blogging more often instead of just reading and commenting on other blogs :)
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