Tuesday, July 7, 2009

leftover squares project

I had some charm squares left over and tried using them for a wall hanging , but not sure how well it's working. i don't think there's enough contrast in a lot of the blocks. my son re-arranged them (the top picture) and it looks better, but still not enough contrast. and of course its short one block! maybe if I take out some of the ones w/o enough contrast and let it be smaller it might work. I'm gonna keep playing with it and see what I can get. what do you think??
any suggesstions? I do have some border fabric that is blue with flowers from the same line, maybe make some pinwheels and use the blue for sashing...too many choices! not a bad thing really..


Rannyjean said...

How about making a doll quilt & giving it to some well deserving little girl for her dolly?

free indeed said...

You could try arranging them like your son did them, but with all very light colors in one stripe and the more intense colors in the next...clear as mud?

Anonymous said...

I think they would make lovely placements for your dining room table.

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