Monday, July 6, 2009

what I've been working on

finished wedding ring blocks (not traditional, but you can still see the rings) in black/red/whiteone in progress, kitties!
3 block parts, lots of trimming to do...not looking forward to trimming 48 1/2 square triangles!
quilting the cheese and crackers quilt, it really isn't that wrinkled!
close up of the to stipple!
some blocks for Aunt Pitty Pat's disappearing 9 patch swap. I was lucky enough to join twice :)
the colors are so different in each set I sent, hopefully the other swappers will like them both. I had some left over charm squares and had an idea for using them up. next post will show them with 2 ideas for how to set the squares. My son didn't like my first set up, so he suggested another. he has a good eye. I'll show you both and see which one people like the most. maybe even give a prize if I get a lot of votes... hmmm how to do that? I do have some bags, and an apron that I could give away.

i've been cleaning/organizing again... I REALLY need to give some fabric away. I think I will start with some scraps left from quilts and other projects I've made. there's some really cool (in my opinion, of course) fabric that someone else might love too.

so I better get to blogging more often instead of just reading and commenting on other blogs :)

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