Thursday, June 18, 2009

nancy drew and a quilt

here's what I made for Molly on the nancy drew swap. I made a nancy drew doll - dressed oh so chic in polka dots and ric rac and of course a little ladybug on her belt, a journal/photo album to keep notes or photos from detecting. in the back of the journal is the "missing map" (probably the only item that is truly "connected" to the book I chose. Nancy of course needs a bag to hold all her clues and supplies, a pen, and a notebook. and of course a zippered bag for to keep small things from getting away. Nancy loves tea (I think!) so I thought this fabric was perfect. hope you like it Molly!

I'm trying to use up some of my fabric and kits and not buy more fabric (ok, I'm trying!) here's the center portion and I'm not liking it too much at this stage. I will post some more pics now that I've finished the borders and put the backing together. I should be able to pin it this weekend and get busy quilting. Hopefully it will sell...
I've been scanning old photos to maybe make some digital photo albums (if I can figure out how). I have an album that my mom made for me and one that she made for my oldest brother. there are some really cool photos that I had not seen before - I'm the youngest, and hadn't seen so many pics of my mom and dad from before I was born. some of them are from before they were married and when my sister and brother were babies. my album has more of my second brother with me since we are only 3 years apart, and more of my dad than I had realized. he passed away when I was 5 so I really don't remember him. I'll share some pics once I get more scanned.


Rannyjean said...

Love the pics. Trish, I am having a rename my blog contest, how would you like to donate one of your beautiful works for advertising? Nothing big, maybe one of your hats, or small dolls? No obligation and yes, you can help me name my blog!

Molly said...

Thanks for the loot!! Love it!! The doll is too cute!!
~Molly P

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