Saturday, May 2, 2009

up cycle apron swap

my up cycle apron swap was delivered today according to the USPS, but if my partner hasn't seen it yet, I hope she doesn't look here!
I used a skirt that I loved the flowers and ladybug, but didn't particularly like the skirt. I was thinking about making a bag, but then this swap came along. I hope my partner likes it.

I used my new ruffler foot to add the ladybug ruffle at the bottom. the pockets are too deep I think, but i didn't want to lose any of the flowers. I learned a lot having to take something apart and put it back together as something else! I didn't want the edges to be ugly so I used some binding to make the side seams clean. the people at work liked it, and couldn't believe I had to send it off to someone else. Now i can look forward to getting my apron :)

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