Tuesday, November 4, 2008

new aprons

heres the hot drinks for hot mamas apron I made for Yvonne. i love this pattern, it was hard to give up this apron, I love it. Yvonne said she loves it too. I'm so happy that she loves it as much as I did. i made some towels to match.

I also made this apron for Bertha, she works with me and loves to cook. she makes the BEST salsa, we are always asking her to make it. its the BOMB! anyway, the apron is reversible, the other side is the plaid. this pattern isn't as easy as the other one, so there might not be too many more.

I signed up for another swap, so I need to start working on a sexy, cute, beautiful holiday apron. you can tell I haven't decided on the pattern, fabrics, embellishments yet. it should be a fun one!

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